About Nash Albert

Nash Albert is a Georgian singer-songwriter and musician from Tbilisi, Georgia, currently living in Moscow, Russia.

He is known as leader and songwriter of the Moscow band Blast (Blast Unit Moscow) in the period 1996 to 2013. Blast was one of the brightest, most successful, unique alternative bands of the Russian rock-n-roll scene. NME called them «the godfathers of the Russian alternative scene». The most successful album of Blast was produced my Martin “Youth” Glover in 2013 and released in 2014. It received a lot of attention from the UK & European music industry. Singles from the album have been played on many radio shows including Pete Mitchell, Janice Long, Gary Crowley etc.

In early 2014 Nash took the decision to concentrate on his solo career. At a night hosted by Alan McGee in Liverpool he met Ian McNabb from The Icicle Works. Nash and Ian hit it off immediately. They met to jam and Nash played Ian some of his most recent demos. Ian suggested Nash return to Liverpool to record a solo album, which he would co-produce. Nash returned to Moscow and undertook an intensive month of songwriting to provide sufficient material for the album. Unrestrained by the need to write for the band, the songs are more personal & intimate, and have a simpler more acoustic feel than the post-industrial punk style of Blast. In July 2014 Nash travelled to Liverpool and recorded 9 tracks at Bold Management Studios, co-produced by Ian McNabb and Ciaron Bell.

The album, named “Rude Beggar” is due for release at the end of 2014.