Born in Georgia, Nash was surrounded by folk music from early childhood. Georgian folk songs, recognised world-wide, were sung traditionally in his family and all over the country. At the age of six Nash was exposed to rock and roll music smuggled into the USSR from the West by his elder brothers. He immediately identified with its protest and romanticism, even at that young age. It was a weapon, a peaceful weapon for change.

Nash submerged himself into rock ‘n’ roll at the age of 15 and put together his first college band when he was 16. After Gorbachev’s Perestroika kicked off in 1991, his college band SALAMANDRA flew to the US where he spent about 6 years playing in SALAMANDRA and different bands as well, mainly in the southern US and California.

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'YET' involved some unusual experiments with sound. Tim Palmer used state-of-the-art analogue processing on the mixing stage while Ilya & Nash did some weird things with magnetic tape making sure each song has it’s signature feel. Bob Ludwig uploaded the final mastered version of ‘Yet' just a few weeks before the lockdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic. The track list itself has some '2001: A Space Odyssey' forefeeling. You almost grasp a meaning to everything but it stays slightly beyond the horizon.

The album is out on the 28th of January 2022

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You lived in America for a while in the 1990s and also made music there?
«No, it was to experience America and American rock and roll music first hand. Living in an area of conflict, music seemed to be such a peaceful yet powerful weapon of change and hearing it first on smuggled LPs as a 12 year old changed my life. I identified with it completely.»

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You have played many festivals with BLAST, you have been on tour together with Blur, Franz Ferdinand or Razorlight, you have toured halfway around the world and were the first Russian band gigging in South Africa?
«Since we released our first album as BLAST ‘PIGS CAN FLY’, as mentioned above, we toured constantly in the UK, Europe and Russia and played many international festivals.»

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What does "Yet" mean to you?
«Firstly, it was great to record it in Georgia in SVAS studios owned by my best friend and collaborator Ric Berie, which overlooks the Caucasus Mountain gorge. I feel such musical inspiration when I go there. And to reunite with my great musician buddies with whom I played in the US in the 1990s meant a lot to me. Making the album ‘YET’ was such a natural and organic experience, the process flowed like a mountain river.»

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New single 'Lost In Jerusalem'

New single 'Lost In Jerusalem' out on January '14 (2022):
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New single 'AUTUMN RAIN'

New single 'AUTUMN RAIN' out on October '29 (2021):
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